Ali Azzouz

Ali Azzouz

shareholder and CEO

Ali Azzouz is currently a shareholder and CEO of several ICT companies including CBS-XEROX and Icosnet.

After studying engineering and completing a Master’s degree at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, Ali began his ICT career at Xerox in 1980 in the United States. With 3 years of experience in silicon valley working on projects such as Ethernet and connectivity, Ali returned home to continue his career with Xerox Algeria in several departments to finish as Country Manager in 1989.

In 1992, with the departure of Xerox, Ali created his first company CBS Sarl (exclusive distributor of Xerox) and then followed other investments in the ICT field, the most important of which is that of Icosnet (FAI).

Ali is very active in the Professional community. In addition to his role as President of INJAZ, he is Vice-President of the American Chamber of Commerce, founding member and Vice-President of Casbah Business Angels and Algeria Start up initiative. »